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    100state Intro | Madison, Wisconsin

    100state Intro | Madison, Wisconsin

    Where am I off to this week?

    This week, I stayed in Madison, Wisconsin and started working at 100state, which was walking distance from where I was staying. Definitely my type of commute.

    Where is it?


    So why did I choose 100state?

    After being in town for a few days, I heard more and more about this nearby coworking space. From the way people talked about it and their interaction with the community, I decided I definitely needed to see it.

    I was able to connect with the owner of 100state through people I met in Madison. When I first arrived, I met the executive director, Greg Stfort. He is definitely busy, working on the expansion of 100state, but we were able to spend some time chatting about 100state, their goals, and future. I even got to explore their new space that was still under construction and would be ready in the new year. More about that later.

    After our conversation and working there for a day, I discovered some notable features.

    As with many of the best places, their leadership team was available, helpful, and always looking to improve how they support their members and connect with the community.

    Events, events, and more events. When you look at their calendar and talk to the coworkers, you find they are always involved in going to an event or hosting an event. While I was there, I was invited to an event for several local artists. It was a lot of fun. Local art. Local beer. Local food. Never a bad day.

    While I am on art, 100state has connected with local artists all around Madison and they feature their artwork in the office. This program is called 100arts. In the new space, they are going to have an area for artists to work.


    They are expanding. After a few years in their current space, they decided they needed to move a few blocks away and into a space that was twice the size of their current space. They want to be able to offer the community and their members more options and opportunities. Greg was able to give me a tour!



    The downstairs lobby for this new space is beautiful!




    I am excited to see the continued growth of 100state and am looking forward to coming back to Madison and the great coworking spaces here!