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    3 Secrets to Saving Money while Traveling as a Digital Nomad

    3 Secrets to Saving Money while Traveling as a Digital Nomad

    In my most recent article on Medium, I wrote about how I was able to save money while traveling as a digital nomad throughout the United States and Canada. I actually saved more money while working from the road than I did working at home in Tampa. How did I do this?

    The 3 Secrets to Saving Money while Traveling:

    1. Live in each place for at least a week.

    This might be the opposite of what our intuition tells us, but I have a good reason for staying in a place for longer. When you live in a place for more than a few days, you learn where the best and most cost effective places are to eat, and you can claim weekly or monthly deals on housing. You are not living like a local when you are paying nightly hotel rates.

    As a side note, daily hostel rates are worth it to me. They are a little more than an apartment rental, but the community of people and experiences are absolutely worth the extra money.

    2. Eat healthy and pay attention to what’s on special at the grocery store.

    If anyone has ever told you that eating healthy is expensive, I have to disagree. My advice is to go to a grocery store without a plan and just put something together based on what’s on sale. It’s much cheaper and still tasty.

    For me, this usually meant buying fresh and frozen vegetables, deli meat, chicken, and apples.

    I also made some new friends who were great cooks when working at La Gare in Montreal, Canada.

    Dinner with new friends! #yum #homemade #tasty #foodie #foodcoma

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    Another perk of eating healthy is that your workouts have a greater impact on your body since you don’t need to burn as many calories.

    3. Limiting the number of times I went out.

    Number 3 relates to number 2, but it is so important that it needs more attention. It is nice to be able to go out for dinner or drinks with old or new friends, however, eating out can be a bit pricy if you do it too much. Personally, I would rather travel longer and eat out less often.

    I found that if I spent less during a week by going to the grocery store, I was able to enjoy wonderful meals at restaurants a few times a week. Eating out also allowed me the luxury of being waited on while enjoying what that city was known for and not breaking the bank.

    Here’s to the next city! How do you save money while traveling and exploring as a digital nomad?