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    5 Minute Lightning E101 – dreiC.events and why collaboration rocks!

    5 Minute Lightning E101 – dreiC.events and why collaboration rocks!

    Christoph and I met through a Twitter chat. He is a dude from Germany that came up with an event idea around collaboration, built a website, and sold his first ticket and first sponsorship within a month.

    Beyond impressed by that.

    Our knowledge and experiences make conversations easy and thought provoking as we have many similar viewpoints but often times look at a topic or idea from another direction.

    2 weeks later we decided to just start chatting via Skype and recording it. Who says you can’t start a regular collaboration video quickly? Our 5 Minute Lightning talks are meant to be short, digestible, and easy to follow along with. Our hope is that after every chat, you pick up at least one new thing to think about whether it’s personally or professional.

    What is the 5 Minute Lightning? A 5 minutes conversation about what matters. Collaboration. Tech. Life. Coffee. Outlook on life. Work/Life Balance. Remote work. Coworking. Coworking spaces. and so much more. What do you care about?

    Christoph, *Atlassian Consultant, Collaboration Culture Enthusiast & Event organizer, e.g. of #dreiCday. You can find him on http://dreic.events.

    Robert *Cowork22. Focused on coworking, collaboration, culture development, workspaces, remote work, and tech. http://Cowork22.com. (The site you are on now!)

    Join us for a 5 minute lightning discussion about one question or topic. Stay tuned each week for a great conversation.