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    The Attic Cafe | Tampa, Florida

    The Attic Cafe | Tampa, Florida

    The Attic Cafe is located on the fourth floor of the old Irish Rite’s Building (500 E Kennedy Blvd) in Downtown Tampa, Florida. They are open from 8 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Friday.

    So why am I writing about a cafe and bar?

    In short, this place is great. I have always had a great time there hanging out with friends and meeting new ones – including Rich and Daniel who run the cafe!

    The Attic Cafe also happens to be the floor above the Tampa Bay WaVE, which is my home-base coworking space. Without leaving the building we are able to grab a cup of coffee, have a business meeting, a quick lunch, or happy hour drinks with coworkers.

    Here is a promo video that shows many of the things we like most about this place.


    The plans for the Attic began back in October of 2015 when Rich McIntyre and Daniel Speed began talking about opening a new cafe and bar downtown.

    Daniel describes what The Attic has evolved into as, “a little bit of everything.” He says, “We started out as a coffee shop. Then we branched into beer. Then we branched into food … You never know what you are going to find in the Attic.”

    They even have a beer milkshake which is delicious.

    This summer there is a new expanded menu!

    The Attic was created from a passion to bring what they felt was missing to downtown Tampa.

    The Attic Cafe Professional and Comfortable

    It is a place professional enough for a business meeting, but comfortable and inviting enough to have fun and meet new people.

    In addition to the drinks, food, and ambiance, The Attic’s view is really outstanding. It overlooks the central part of downtown Tampa and the old city hall.

    Just watch a sunset there; you won’t regret it.

    Their live music every Friday night is fantastic, and you’ll find us there almost every week. Both Rich and Daniel love live music and have told me they plan to continue to have great live bands as often as they can.

    I love that.

    The Attic has also become an extension of the WaVE’s community and we are grateful that Rich and Daniel have shown such care and dedication by building something great here.

    Cheers to you all!

    I am excited to see them continue to grow and look forward to the next time I head upstairs to experience this great place in downtown Tampa! The Attic.