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    Bamboo Detroit Intro | Detroit, Michigan

    Bamboo Detroit Intro | Detroit, Michigan

    Where am I off to this week?

    From Syracuse, New York, I headed to Bamboo Detroit in Detroit, Michigan.

    Where is it?


    I had to go to Detroit. If I was going to be working in Detroit, I wanted to be downtown. As a newcomer, most of what I knew about Detroit came from the news, which tends to show the worst moments, so I was unsure what to expect. What I found was a great story of grit and renaissance!

    So why did I choose Bamboo Detroit?

    Bamboo Detroit is located in the heart of the city — walking distance from the GM Renaissance Center, Comerica Park, Ford Field, restaurants, and bars. The space is great for both work and play. I was able to explore the city and fit in a full productive day of work.

    From the beginning, the team and members at Bamboo Detroit had this enthusiastic and contagious drive to rebuild and grow Detroit. They live and breath this city in a way I rarely see. They want to help people and their businesses to “Grow Fast and Grow Strong”. The more businesses they can help become successful, the stronger the city becomes. They are deeply tied to the Detroit community and devoted to growing their city through a focus on connecting members to the people, events, and other resources that will help them succeed.

    They even helped one business that started out of the space, Original Stix, to be on CNBC with Richard Branson!

    Multiple people explained to me that Detroit had been in an economic downturn for decades. In the 2000s the changes were dramatic enough to receive national media attention. However, the result of the downturn is an army of volunteers who love the city and want to help the community get back its original luster.


    Overall, the space is a good mixture of quiet and active. As a workspace, it is easy to find a zone to focus and get things done. However, the community managers also consistently host or connect us to many events around the city during the week. These events generate the energy that brings the community members together to grow and connect.

    The “we are all in it together” mentality continues to exist in all coworking spaces I have visited.

    While I was there, there were multiple tech, wellness, and social events around Detroit. There was even an event about diversity within the startup community.


    Before I continue, I have to highlight that this was by far the most diverse group of people I’ve met in a coworking space. The team at Bamboo focus heavily on being inclusive and outwardly focused in the community. They want to represent what Detroit has to offer. The people I meet and the conversations I have within each coworking space are extremely important to me.

    The more I meet people that have different backgrounds, experiences, loves, fears, and desires, the more I expand my perception and viewpoint of the world.

    I really found great power in their ability to build an inclusive community space that represent the whole city.

    I enjoyed my time at Bamboo Detroit and am looking forward to more experiences!