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    COCO Downtown Intro | Minneapolis, MN

    COCO Downtown Intro | Minneapolis, MN

    Where am I off to this week?

    Another short commute, which is nice. I was already in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the week when I headed to COCO Downtown.

    Where is it?


    So why did I choose COCO Downtown?

    It is in the original Minneapolis Grain Exchange building! What more do I need?

    I am sort of joking, but, seriously, this place got off to a great start just by revitalizing and utilizing a space that had been vacant for years.

    Sure, I made the decision to come based on the building, there was, however, more about the office that attracted me.

    When I first started looking into Minneapolis coworking spaces, COCO was one of the first to show up. There are several locations throughout Minnesota and even one in Chicago. I was only able to visit their downtown Minneapolis location, which happens to be their flagship space.

    After first discovering COCO, I had some reluctance to visit because this was such a large space and I typically keep to smaller ones where I find the people to be more personable. However, I was intrigued by COCO because it felt so friendly and comfortable even for such a large and successful organization.

    I arrived on Friday when they have a tour and offer a Free Coworking Day for those who are interested in checking the place out. Of course, I was going.

    This is one of the first places I stopped and worked.

    The Zen Garden


    Very Relaxing. Ohmmmmmmmm.

    They have definitely designed this space in a wonderful way. It never felt overwhelmingly or too big even though it is quite a large building.


    And comfy chairs with a view!


    After the tour, I was able to dig in and get some work done. They are one of ten Google Tech Hubs in the US and have especially fast internet! There were plenty of different, open workspaces to get things done. Offices and reserved spaces are available for those when they need them.

    One especially unique space was called a Startup Suite. Essentially, this space can accommodate startups that need a flexible office solution but still want to be a part of the coworking ecosystem. They have spaces for groups as small as 2 and as large as 20. I have seen other coworking spaces that are able to offer different sized spaces, but I like that this space is still connected to the coworking office and people.

    I met some nice people, enjoyed some coffee, and put in a solid day of work. I would definitely come back. What a great day!