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    Collective Chemistry Intro | Seattle, Washington

    Collective Chemistry Intro | Seattle, Washington

    Where am I off to this week?

    After another nice train ride back from to Vancouver, Canada, to Seattle, I walked to Collective Chemistry where I worked for the week.

    Where is it?


    So why did I choose Collective Chemistry?

    If you have ever looked around Seattle for coworking spaces, you know that there is a tremendous number of them. How did I decide what office to visit?

    I wanted to experience this space because I was interested in how they started, their current mantra, and the office design. When I first discovered Collective Chemistry, their story immediately resonated with me. The two founders met at a networking event and decided to rent an office together. They found the “unexpected collaboration” to be the most powerful aspect of working next to each other. They realized that this arrangement could benefit a larger community, and decided to start the Collective Chemistry coworking space. It focuses on attracting creatives (graphic designers, video editors, cinematographers, animators, photographers, and others) so as to heighten the opportunities for collaboration and the benefits each member receive from the community. “Freelancers supporting freelancers is what it’s all about.

    Some of the first coworking spaces were started in a similar way. People naturally started working near each other. As they saw an increase in the benefits and collaboration, they started to organize the group into something bigger. Sometimes the best things happen serendipitously.

    It’s Not Just a Desk, It’s a Community.

    When I first arrived at Collective Chemistry, it was clear the founders were creative types. They spent time, energy, and money to design a space they wanted to work in. The design gives you a true sense of who they are. In many ways, a coworking office is the personification of the coworking owners.


    They also have a beautiful bar area, and this space is not just for happy hours. Many events are held here including a monthly freelancers’ meet up that attracts hundreds of members. They discuss ways to improve their skills, make more money, and collaborate. I was fortunate enough to attend one of these meetups. It was a great group of people that were there to learn and grow together.



    One of the monthly events I wish I had not missed was Waffle Wednesday where they get everyone together to make and eat some delicious waffles. And now I’m hungry!

    One thing not to be missed is the view.


    As I have mentioned before, having a great team to operate the space is extremely important. Adam and Jae, the owners of the space, and Ryan, who works to improve and grow member engagement, are very good at what they do and are moving on to another location.

    Currently located in downtown Seattle, they will be moving to Pioneer Square. I was able to check out the new location and the design specs, and it is going to be a great space that will help Collective Chemistry continue to grow. It is almost double the size!

    I had a wonderful experience working out of this office, and I can’t wait to come back to check out the new location.