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    Most Comprehensive Reasons Why Coworking is Worth It

    Most Comprehensive Reasons Why Coworking is Worth It

    Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it’s important to realize there is probably a perfect coworking space for you right in your area. Good news: if you don’t find the coworking community and workspace that you are looking for, then you have an opportunity to be part of opening one or being one of the first members in a new space.

    So let’s get the first obstacle out of the way. One of the main reasons people say they don’t want to work out of a coworking space, is that they don’t value the benefits more than the cost. Yes, your home, local coffee shop, library, etc. is ‘free’ and the coworking space adds a new monthly bill, but stick with me and I’ll show you why it’s too expensive for you to keep working in any of these ‘free’ places.

    This will be a multi-part series on what coworking is, why coworking is worth it, and in my case, how coworking can save your life. These articles and stories are based on my experience working out of over 25 coworking spaces in a year.

    The Most Comprehensive Reasons Why Coworking is Worth It:

    1. What are the Basics of a Coworking Space?
    2. The 9 Types of Coworking Spaces
    3. Coworking and the Changing Nature of Commuting
    4. Next article coming up soon. Get ready.