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    ECO-SYSTM Intro | San Francisco, California

    ECO-SYSTM Intro | San Francisco, California

    Where am I off to this week?

    From Sacramento, California, I spent the weekend in Napa Valley then worked my way down to San Francisco to work out of ECO-SYSTM.

    Where is it?


    So why did I choose ECO-SYSTM?

    All I had to do was read the About Us section on their website. Here’s an excerpt:

    It is our ongoing mission to welcome in as many independent workers, entrepreneurs and creators into our community, providing them with a safe and flexible workspace to expand their professional horizons. With on-site partnerships with the Temple Nightclub and Mirus Art Gallery, ECO-SYSTM exists as an interactive cultural hub, inspiring creativity through business, music and fine arts.

    Their mission and who they are is exactly what I look for in a coworking space. There was also a number of unique benefits of working here, and this space definitely looked awesome.

    I reached out to the team at ECO-SYSTM and they invited me to come and work for a week. This week was also unique in that when I told one of my friends from Tampa that I’d be in San Francisco, he decided to meet me. Not only was I able to experience this space as I normally do, but I was also able to see it from my friend’s perspective.

    When I first arrived, Meaghan and Charley greeted me. Then they helped me get situated with WIFI and coffee and gave me a tour of their 2 floors of office space, their club/event room, and even their rooftop deck!

    Meaghan was out the rest of the week, but Charley was there every day. He was always available to help anyone in the community with anything they needed. He kept the space tidy, created and ran events, and was always looking for things to improve. Charley is the epitome of a wonderful community and events manager.

    One aspect of this space that was immediately clear was the owner’s connection to art. Every floor has a bountiful selection of art work. There is even a gallery on the second floor. One of my favorite pieces is on the main coworking level and runs the entire length of a conference room.

    This art work and the office’s central location in the SOMA area of San Francisco has helped attract a wonderful group of people and businesses. Every day, I met more and more people while having coffee, grabbing water, or just saying hello in passing. As I came to learn, many of these people walked, biked, or bused to the office as this space was centrally located and close to public transportation, several lunch spots, and a good bit of night life options. The location of a coworking space dramatically affects the type of people and businesses that come to work. The owners of ECO-SYSTM definitely picked a fantastic location.

    Most days, the space was busy, however, I could always find a quiet corner when I needed to get work done or take a call.

    I got a lot of work done in these phone booths. And who can complain with all these comfortable chairs and cool spaces?

    By the end of the week, I had worked all throughout the space and met many of the people that called the ECO-SYSTM home. The basics were done right. The coworkers were engaged with each other. The team was on-point, helping to maintain but also grow the community and culture of the office.

    I even got to go to a “Shark Tank” style event that featured a number of start ups and venture capitalists looking to invest.

    I had a great time working out of ECO-SYSTM while exploring San Francisco. I am looking forward to coming back next time I am in The City.