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    FLOCK Intro | Minneapolis, MN

    FLOCK Intro | Minneapolis, MN

    Where am I off to this week?

    From Madison, Wisconsin, I headed to FLOCK in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Where is it?



    So why did I choose FLOCK?

    When I first started searching for spaces in Minneapolis, FLOCK did not come up. It wasn’t until I was in the city that I discovered it. And I am glad it did.

    When you check out their website or visit their space, one word comes to mind — style.

    FLOCK is beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated. The owners created unique rooms with different inspirations. Of course, they have coffee, WIFI, free parking (this is harder and harder to find), but they’ve also really taken time to focus on building a space specifically for creative types.

    Their website says: “Our amenities include internet so fast it’ll melt your face, above par printers, an inspiring network of creatives, Big Brain weekly brainstorming, and multiple discounts to most local restaurants on “Eat Street.”


    The French Room



    Not only is FLOCK beautiful, it is walking distance to an area near downtown called “Eat Street” that is filled with tons of restaurants and bars. If you have read any of my other posts, you have probably seen that I love being able to stay and work in a walkable area. The less I have to be in my car, the better.

    While I worked here, I was able to meet the team that owned and managed the space. What a fantastic group of people! FLOCK was created by partners of two other companies, MADE and etc. I recommend checking out their sites. They do fantastic work.

    There is a photo studio in the building where MADE employees take photos of the many products they develop for clients. This studio can even be used by coworkers! There is also a podcast business based out of the space that can help you record, edit, and publish your podcasts. FLOCK has attracted a diverse group of people and creative businesses that are looking to grow together.

    Not only does FLOCK have the standard features common in many coworking spaces, but they have taken care and time to think deliberately about how design affects the way people work. It’s also clear they love making beautiful spaces.

    I look forward to working here again and seeing them continue to grow.