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    Grind Intro | Chicago, Illinois

    Grind Intro | Chicago, Illinois

    Where am I off to this week?

    From Syracuse, New York, I headed to the Grind Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.

    Where is it?


    So why did I choose Grind?

    I was sold by the Grind’s slogan: “COWORKING spaces designed for people who would rather work in a COMMUNITY than at a company.”

    Katie and the team at the Grind Chicago invited me to work out of their downtown space, which was only a short walk from where I was staying, easy to get to via metro, and close to a ton of great places to eat.

    What a beautiful space!



    This was definitely the most modern looking space I have worked in so far. It was full of huge windows, sleek white desks, metal, exposed ceilings, and amazing views.




    The Grind’s view was incredible!



    Katie, the space’s community manager, was incredibly kind and generous with her time. We talked about coworking, lunch places, and even where to go out for the night.

    She has a passion for bringing people together and is exactly what I envisioned as a successful community manager — kind, helpful, always looking for ways to improve the office, while connecting people and their businesses within the space.

    I thoroughly enjoyed working out of this space and wish I’d had more than just one day. Even so, I managed to drink way too much delicious coffee, lemon and lime water, and fit in a productive day of work before setting off for a day at the infamous 1871.

    And now, I’ll leave you with this awesome shot of a guy making pour over coffee.