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    IgnitedSpaces Intro | Los Angeles, California

    IgnitedSpaces Intro | Los Angeles, California

    Where am I off to this week?

    From San Francisco, California, I took Highway 1 down to Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, to work from IgnitedSpaces.

    Where is it?


    So why did I choose IgnitedSpaces?

    This view was all the convincing I needed.

    Once I saw this view, I knew I had to come to this space.

    I reached out to the team at IgnitedSpaces and they invited me to work with them for the week. When I first arrived, I was greeted by Deisy, Emily, and Chester. They got me situated and connected to the WIFI in the open coworking area. These three were fantastic all week. They were always available to answer my random questions and definitely helped recommend delicious local eateries.

    As soon as Deidra, the general manager, was available, she gave me a tour. She was great to chat with as she was interested in what I have seen and curious about my perspective on coworking spaces and how others did things. I always enjoy talking about coworking.

    They have nearly 2 floors with wonderful views of Los Angeles. One thing I did not expect to find is arguably one of the best laid out and well-designed spaces I have seen.

    This open coworking space had the best view in the house.


    There were so many nooks for getting work done. You didn’t have to shut yourself in a conference room to stay on task.



    There was a nice mixture of a modern yet homey vibe. The kitchen had a coffee maker that made lattes that were deliciously dangerous.



    As I settled into the space, I discovered that the majority of businesses and coworkers worked in media. Being in Hollywood, I underestimated how strong the location would drive the types of businesses. This office also has the benefit of being a great place to bring clients to impress them.



    Even though this coworking space was spread over two floors with many nooks to escape to, I was able to meet some really nice and interesting people. When I wasn’t working, they helped me explore the city they love and even find an Oscars’ viewing party.

    While working in the open spaces, I was able to also discover a new feature that I had not really seen in other offices. For an additional fee, the team at IgnitedSpaces would answer the phone for your business. This is an incredible benefit and really helps to streamline the operations of any business.

    I was attracted here by the view and design, but wanted to stay for many other reasons. The coworkers, team, and vibe of IgnitedSpaces were fantastic and helped me have a great time in Los Angeles. I look forward to coming back soon.