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    La Gare Intro | Montréal, QC, Canada

    La Gare Intro | Montréal, QC, Canada


    Where am I off to this week?

    From Quebec City, Canada, I headed to La Gare in Montreal, Québec, Canada

    Where is it?


    So why did I choose La Gare?

    Well, I wanted to go to Montreal because I hadn’t been there and it looked fantastic. Before coming to Canada I did not know much about the area, however, everyone kept telling me about the thriving start up scene, the food, the old port, and the fun things to do in the city.

    I had to go.

    When I found La Gare I knew it would be a great fit.

    Not only do they have tons of events each month, but their space appeared so well laid out, functional, and collaborative.


    I found out about this space from Greg, the co-founder of Abri.Co in Quebec City.

    He said they were doing great things in the community. Also, it was close to where I was staying for the week!

    If I don’t have to drive, I’m happy.

    From where I was staying it took me 10 minutes to walk to La Gare. Every day I walked past bagel shops, restaurants, and great cafes & bars in the Mile End part of town.

    I hope that these pictures capture La Gare as well as I liked it. The front of the office has plenty of glass to let in natural light, a large wooden table for open coworking, an area in the middle with sectional seating that can be adjusted for events, and a kitchen.

    I worked at this wooden table or on the couches in the middle during the week.


    When you walk into La Gare, you are greeted by one of the wonderful people at the front desk.

    Sophie was there when I visited the first time. She had her tour down pat and was extremely helpful and nice. She showed me where everything was, connected me to WiFi, showed me how to use the coffee maker, and was interested in what I was doing. I do enjoy connecting with people who are genuinely interested in others and their stories. It’s a skill I am working on and it is always refreshing to meet someone who is great at it.

    Thank you, Sophie!

    This office was definitely about getting work done, however, the area I worked in was the place for collaboration and a bit more talkative.

    I even met some people who showed me around the great start up community that was being built in the neighborhood on this part of Mile End! One of these people, Marie, is planning and organizing a wonderful event held throughout Canada in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Waterloo. Here is some more information about the Startup Open House Canada 2016!

    It is always refreshing to see how coworking spaces can be different in location, type, focus, design and yet filled with similarly wonderful people to connect and bond with. Many have also been willing to chat about their personal lives, businesses, work, and goals. I even got some great recommendations on places for lunch, to listen to jazz, and any multitude of other things.

    Note: I do try to pay attention to whether someone wants to work or chat. Also, I don’t want to overstay my welcome in a conversation and so I am more inclined to end a conversation a little earlier so as not to not be annoying. Haha. I hope that I am at least. I try.

    The first few days here have been great. I love walking to work. I should only have to use my car once this week. I love grabbing a bagel or a coffee in the morning, going out to dinner with new friends, meeting others, and hiking to the top of Mont Royal.

    I could not ask for anything more.

    I am looking forward to talking more with people in La Gare, exploring more of the Mile End neighborhood, the Old Port, and Downtown of Montreal.