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    L’Atelier Vancouver Intro | Vancouver, BC, Canada

    L’Atelier Vancouver Intro | Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Where am I off to this week?

    After a nice train ride from Seattle to Vancouver, Canada, I was able to walk to L’Atelier Vancouver where I worked for the week.

    Where is it?


    So why did I choose L’Atelier Vancouver?

    I really liked the look of the space — clean and modern with industrial elements. After I met the owner, Sabrina, she told me how much she cared about how the space looked and felt. She knows that the way a workspace looks can positively affect how people feel and how they work.

    L’Atelier Vancouver, which is in the city’s oldest neighborhood, Gastown, is in the perfect central location. I was able to walk to the office each day. Many people who work there don’t need to drive either. As you know, I am a big fan of a short or nonexistent commutes.

    When I arrived at the space, Sabrina was there working at the front desk. She showed me around. It was exactly as I had imagined, and has a really great feel. On top of this, there are several different work areas to meet different coworker needs. Need a reserved desk? Do you want to work in a space that feels more like a coffee shop? Do you need a big open table? A conference table? Check, check, check, and check. This office was definitely well laid out and able to meet many different needs.

    One thing I noticed early in the week is that it’s a great place to get work done. People are focused most of the day, however, there are necessary times that an event or conversation brought us together to connect more deeply. While I was here, Sabrina had a weekly Happy Hour and  a networking event for freelancers that were looking to get connect with other freelancers. These were great moments to chat with coworkers and come together as a community.

    There was definitely a nice balance between work and fun. There was enough of each so that everyone could stay focused on growing their business while also enjoying the community. Sabrina and L’Atelier Vancouver have attracted a great core group of people that were friendly and open. All you have to do is say hi! There were also a number of people that found the space through one of the free coworking days and events, or who learned about it from a friend.

    Sabrina is one of those passionate owner / community managers that I like to see. She was there almost every day working to improve and grow the space while being available for questions and fixing issues as they arose.

    Next time I’m in Vancouver, I’ll definitely get back there. Great group of people. The community is growing. The space is beautiful. And they know how to balance work and play. Basically, they have everything I look for. I am excited to continue to watch this space develop and grow.

    Also, this view from the conference room doesn’t hurt either!