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    Lunch and Learn Podcasts with Rich Austin | Speaking of Success

    Lunch and Learn Podcasts with Rich Austin | Speaking of Success

    I first met Rich Austin while working at The Hive in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Tuni Schartner, the director of The Hive, introduced us. She has a knack for bringing people together.


    Right from my first meeting, it was easy to connect with Rich and I could sense and appreciate his realness.

    We talked about how he has struggled with a severe stutter all his life. As an adult, he finally had speech therapy at the University of Vermont. In order to keep fluent, he became a student of speech and communications.

    Eventually, he decided to use all that he has learned to help people become better communicators through his company Speaking of Success.


    “A few years ago,” he said. “I decided to take this step and use what I have been using most of my adult life to teach other people to be good communicators, good speakers, and good writers so they can get their message out there.”

    According to Rich, people often ask him: “How can I send you work?”.

    He responds: “If you ask someone what they do and they tell you, but you still have no idea what they do, send them my way.”

    If you have a chance to learn from him, do it!

    In addition to the business he established a few years ago, he has developed a passion for an event held at The Hive called Lunch & Learns. Lunch & Learns are one-hour networking events that feature presentations on a variety of topics geared to help you grow your business.

    He has first-hand experience being a presenter and has seen the power of these types of networking events for businesses of all kinds. He was so passionate about these events that he volunteered to take charge, manage, and grow them.

    It is amazing that he is willing to do this for the good of the community because it takes many hours to arrange for speakers and food each week.

    Rich even started Food Truck Thursday to coincide with the Lunch & Learn events. This is a great attraction for the people who work in the area around The Hive, and it helps focus attention on the networking event and not the food. What a great idea and alternative to having to purchase pizzas, salad, tacos, etc.


    On top of all of this, Rich has decided to launch a website for Lunch & Learn Podcasts. This website will focus on providing Lunch & Learn audio recordings from coworking spaces (like the Hive) and organizations around the world.

    His goal is to build a library of valuable and informational for small businesses.

    Does your coworking space have a lunch and learn? Contact Rich with Lunch & Learn Podcasts to get your content added to his website, promoted, and shared.