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    Networking, Support, & Passion – Building Strong Leadership

    Networking, Support, & Passion – Building Strong Leadership

    Tuni Schartner, the director of The Hive and Rhode Island’s economic gardener with TRS Strategies, is one of those people whose passion for growing her community and helping the people within her network is seen in everything she does.

    When I was working out of The Hive, she even took me to a few events, including a local Chamber of Commerce meeting, so I could become more connected to the nearby towns and see what they were about.

    Not only is she working to grow a coworking space in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, which I love, but she is constantly connecting people who will help each other make it to the next level or accomplish their goals.

    “As part of our supporting infrastructure for economic development and business growth in the small business community of Rhode Island,” she says. “We are all cross-referring (cross-pollinating) all of the time. We are not all everything for everyone. If someone comes to me and is a better fit somewhere else, I will totally send them, and connect them to someone else.”

    And she was describing both coworking and other business needs.

    People are not always willing to help someone else in their community like this. Sometimes we tell ourselves that we can be everything to everyone, but that just isn’t the case.

    I believe Tuni is a great person to be managing and growing a coworking space.

    She thoroughly enjoys improving her community, supporting members’ efforts, and making connections. This can not be faked. Passion and energy is enticing. A coworker knows whether you are just there for a job, or if you truly care about them and what they are doing.

    As a coworker, I believe a great team leader or group that cares about improving their community is imperative to bring everyone together and build a culture. Sure, it can happen without it, but the barriers are drastically reduced when you have a leadership group that is supportive and listens to the needs of its members and the community.

    What do you think about yourself as a team leader or team member? Do you help connect coworkers and people in your community? How are you at networking? Do you have the passion to help others succeed? What are your thoughts about what makes the best leadership team?

    Are you a coworker? What do you think is great or challenging about the leadership team at your coworking space? What helps or hurts the growth of the community?