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    NGIN Workplace Intro | Cambridge, MA

    NGIN Workplace Intro | Cambridge, MA

    Where am I off to this week?

    From North Kingstown, Rhode Island, I’m headed to the NGIN Workplace in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Where is it?


    When searching for a coworking space in the Boston area, I was unsure where to look.

    Just try searching “coworking Boston” or “coworking Cambridge” and you’ll find a number of spaces in the area.

    So how did I choose NGIN?

    • They are located between MIT and Harvard, which is awesome.
    • Each week there was an event focused on bringing the community together. They host Pancake Day (yum!), Wine Night, have a beer cart, Crossfit classes, and many other events throughout the month.
    • I always like a coworking space that is active on social media because it says they are looking to engage people. Sure, many places use social media to find potential new members, however, I liked that they also wrote and posted stories that were informative and helpful to many different members of the community.
    • This photo below is great. This is the first time I was able to see the open-concept floor, which I definitely liked, and the space in the back, which really intrigued me. Why are there baskets on the ceiling? What is over there?


    I grabbed this photo from their site, because it is better than I could take.

    When I first reached out to the NGIN team, I was put in contact with Joan De Haene Godefroy, who is the Marketing Specialist. After a quick phone call, Joan scheduled me to come and work out of their space for the week!

    When I first arrived, Joan gave me a tour of the space.

    The first thing I noticed was all of the open space and glass. Almost everywhere you look sunshine is pouring in the windows and you can see the landscaping and buildings outside.

    Natural light is good for our moods and improves happiness.

    This connection to the outside seems to be a common theme in buildings all around Cambridge. People don’t want to work in a dark and hidden place. They want to feel connected to people and nature.

    Yes, there is life outside of work!

    There was even a park with a community garden and tennis court around the corner.

    The space is extremely comfortable and you can find a spot that works for you, whether it’s at a desk or in a cushioned chair by a window.

    I definitely like this area. Comfy chairs!

    Comfy Chairs

    As I was being shown around, we passed through a middle area they called the Plaza.

    It is a central place to come together, eat, drink, and talk.

    The Plaza / Kitchen Area

    NGIN Morning Breakfast Fruit and Croissants

    In this area they put out freshly cut pineapples, strawberries, blueberries, and croissants every morning of the week!

    What a nice touch along with great presentation. It was definitely memorable.

    Another of my favorite features was the coffee and tea area.

    In addition to a basic cup of joe, the coffee maker will make a latte or an espresso! There were plenty of different kinds of teas and enough sources of caffeine to power me for the week.

    I drink too much coffee.

    This Plaza space excites me as it was designed for the sole purpose of bringing people together. They could have created a more typical break area, but instead they made this centralized community space where people can eat, chat, get coffee, and attend events.

    Sometimes people need excuses to interact, whether it is general pleasantries at the coffee maker or a discussion over lunch, having a space that brings people together makes a lot of sense.

    All of this is done in the heart of the space.

    I can already tell that this space holds everything I am looking to find.

    From the first days of working out of NGIN Workplace, it is easy to see that they are actively striving to build their community by, putting on weekly events, trying new event ideas, and working with the members to find out what they want to see.


    The fruit was not the only food offered during the day! Every day, at scheduled times, put the fruit (breakfast) away, then they put out veggies and crackers, and later, a tray of peanuts and other nuts.

    These are not meant to be meals, but snacks to help everyone get through the day.

    How often do we need that small pick-me-up? NGIN has figured out a way to keep everyone running at their best.

    At NGIN, I believe they understand what their community members want and need. They have developed many procedures (more about these in my next article about NGIN) and personal touches that show they care about what their members want.

    I am looking forward to this week and exploring and experiencing the space around Cambridge, MA!