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    The Perpetual Challenge of Dirty Dishes, Part 1

    The Perpetual Challenge of Dirty Dishes, Part 1

    Is there a way to stop dirty dishes from piling up at your coworking space?


    No matter how clever the sign, there are just some people who don’t think about it, who choose to leave their dirty dishes in the sink, or a visitor who will say they “don’t know better.”

    No harm here.

    It is not a law, but a courtesy to clean your dishes.

    It seems to be a common problem in all coworking spaces. And there are some good shame flyers in almost every space I have been to.


    One space even had 3 dishwashers and still had dirty dishes piling up.

    There are only a few ways to keep dirty dishes to a minimum without getting annoyed.

    1. Accept that some people just will not clean their dishes. If you go to their house, it will probably look the same. No reason to get annoyed as much if you expect it coming. Manage your expectations. Remember to breath through the anger. You have other things to worry about.
    2. Don’t provide dishes. People can bring their own dishes to use. If they don’t want their stuff thrown away, then they should clean it and keep it at their desk.
    3. Have one of the interns or staff members wash the dishes on a regular schedule. Important! Schedule. Pick two times at least. Early afternoon and right before you leave, clean what is in the sink, and put away the dry dishes. It’s manageable if consistently kept at bay.
      1. No moaning and groaning. Just do it and make it a part of the culture.
      2. Sometimes this can cause more dishes to be made as people get used to your cleaning dishes, however, make it clear you are doing this to keep things clean and not their maid. The people that normally clean will usually continue cleaning up after themselves. Yay, adulthood!

    Whatever you do, don’t let the dishes get out of control. More dishes in the sink create more dishes in the sink. People feel bad about being the first cup in the sink but not the 20th.

    Oh the joys of solving a simple problem! Hopefully, these solutions for keeping your kitchen clean and tidy will help.

    Do you have a creative way to solve this problem or great “Clean Your Dish Shame Flyers”? Add it to the comments section.