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    Prairie Den Intro | Fargo, North Dakota

    Prairie Den Intro | Fargo, North Dakota

    Where am I off to this week?

    From Minneapolis, Minnesota, I headed to the Prairie Den in Fargo, North Dakota.

    Where is it?


    So why did I choose the Prairie Den?

    When searching for coworking spaces in Fargo, the Prairie Den rose to the top of the list for good reason. Created with the support and love of many people in the community, the Prairie Den is described as a place that provides a “nourishing community and a reliable home for the dreamers, the doers, and the risk takers.” [theprairieden.com]

    I can attest that it is accomplishing this mission. After more than a year in existence, the Prairie Den is deeply embedded in, and has an amazing passion for, it’s community.

    You don’t find this kind of support and desire in every city. The group running the space, Emerging Prairie, has done a great job choosing the location, maintaining the space, and facilitating positive interactions among it’s coworkers.

    The basics are done right. Coffee is tasty. WIFI is fast.

    Annie, who manages the Prairie Den, is active in the office and with the coworkers, supporting them with whatever they need. As I often mention, an ongoing effort to improve is extremely important to the vibrancy and connectedness of a space. They do this. They are doing what it takes to grow the businesses here and in the community of Fargo.

    When I arrived, the first thing that jumped out at me was all the artwork. They reached out to Fargo’s art community to add their own touches to the space.


    They even have a Graffiti Room!

    There are also several events each month in the office and around Fargo.

    One of the most popular events is the Emerging Prairie’s One Million Cups event. “Fargo’s One Million Cups features men and women who are building their ideas, launching products, and starting companies – with an emphasis on innovative technology” [emergingprairie.com]. It is a fantastic event that brings together more than 150 people for the week. The one I went to was packed. I have never been to this type of an event that was so large before. Definitely worth a visit for inspiration, knowledge, and building a connection with like-minded people.

    Annie and the people who work at Emerging Prairie and out of Prairie Den have been extremely kind and generous with their time, showing me the city and why they love it so much. I am definitely excited for the rest of my time here at the Prairie Den and in Fargo, North Dakota!