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    Sprout RI Intro | Providence, Rhode Island

    Sprout RI Intro | Providence, Rhode Island

    Where am I off to this week?

    During the first week of my Cowork22 journey, I decided to visit a second space in Providence, Rhode Island, called Sprout RI.

    Where is it?


    So why did I choose to visit Sprout RI?

    When I was planning my initial week of coworking, I didn’t know how many spaces I wanted to work from each week. However, I did know I wanted to see more spaces, at least in the beginning. When I discovered Sprout RI, located in a newly renovated mill (Rising Sun Mills), I knew I needed to check it out. It looked amazing.

    I reached out to Zachary and John at Sprout RI for a tour and a chat about coworking.

    Tuni at The Hive in North Kingston also recommended I connect with the guys that run Sprout RI. I am fascinated by how interconnected the people and businesses are in Rhode Island. It is apparent that the “we are in it together” mentality is being practiced all across the state.

    When I first arrived I noticed one immediate perk: free parking everywhere.

    Zachary met me and gave me a tour, telling me more about their mission and why they opened a coworking space.

    At Sprout, we believe that our coworking community deserves all three.

    While taking care of the basics, Sprout RI also strives to continue to grow the power and vibe of the community to be more that just a place to get work done. This is Zachary, one of the partners of the office, who works there most days and is constantly looking to improve their business and be there for the needs of the community. He was full of questions and ideas of ways they could be better at what they do.

    The front Cafe area is transformed each month to feature an artist’s work. There is even a Gallery Night each month to bring everyone together, introduce a new artist, and celebrate the changing of the artwork.

    I absolutely love offices that bring in local artists to interact and be a part of the community. Creativity sparks more creativity. I thoroughly enjoy being surrounded by new perspectives, ideas, and visuals that force me to reflect and take a break from typical daily moments.

    Along with many of the great attributes of this coworking office, it also shares space with other parts of the mill, including an apartment complex that has amenities such as a workout room, game room, and even a grilling area.

    I had a great time chatting with Zachary and John about the coworking space and about what it can offer the people of Providence. They spent over 3 hours with me. Their focus on building a wonderful community with an amazing culture was refreshing and will serve them well as they grow the space and support their businesses of the coworkers.