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    Steve Lazaridis | Co-Founder of Phonism

    Steve Lazaridis | Co-Founder of Phonism

    Steve Lazaridis is the co-founder of Phonism and arguably one of the best coders I have ever seen. We were first introduced at the Tampa Bay WaVE where he has an office.

    Steve Lazaridis Phonism Co Founder


    Not only is he passionate about creating a great product and service for the telecom industry, but he is a bread aficionado and all around great guy.

    What is Phonism?

    Phonism sells software to the telecom industry that manages VOIP phones. If you are in a larger office, there is a good chance that you have these types of phones.

    Without getting too technical (I know I do not understand everything he does technically speaking), their software automatically programs the extensions, names, and any customizations on a per user basis when phones are getting deployed or installed.

    Clients can use Phonism’s software to automatically manage, program, and set up the phones for their customers.

    We keep your customer’s happy because the onboarding process is less tedious, takes a lot less time, and is less painful.

    Steve really does know what he is talking about and has the experience to prove it.

    He grew up in an entrepreneurial family and owned and ran restaurants early in life with his family. Eventually Steve was looking for his next challenge, and so he decided to go back to college to study MIS.

    By the time he got his first role at a local internet service provider and moved to Tampa, Florida to work in software development, he was well on his way to developing the skills and knowledge for building Phonism.

    Steve now has over 16 years experience writing software!

    How did Phonism Start?

    Phonism was started when Steve’s brother (Niko) was deploying VOIP (he is an IT director) and was having a lot of pain and frustration’s provisioning and managing the phones at the desks.

    He asked Steve to build a new tool to solve this problem. Steve decided to develop it. He brought in Bill Edgington, a programmer by trade, and his brother Niko who ended up managing the business side, vision, and go to market strategy of Phonism.

    It was an up and down process for a few years. They worked a few days each week depending on available time as he and the team were working full time jobs as well.

    In 2015, Phonism was launched and has been consistently building more and more traction.

    What makes Phonism different?

    The way Phonism solved the problem in the space.

    We are a stand alone phone management tool. A lot of the current phone management tools are a part of larger telephony applications. We took the one problem and have solved it. It is agnostic to any other telephony servers or systems you might use. They (clients) don’t have to worry about a large suite. We do phone management and phone configuration. We focus on the one problem.

    Phonism has targeted the phone management segment of the industry to create the best product and service possible. Instead of being an afterthought for a lot of companies, Phonism has taken it upon themselves to revolutionize the business by developing a tool with more features, better usability, and at a far better price.

    Advanced managerial VoIP phone on beech desk.

    Phonism is also launching a new service/product!

    They are currently building an on-premise solution for phone management and monitoring. This new solution will be installed on the network along side the phones. It will auto-detect & monitor the phones, drastically reducing on-boarding times.

    This auto-detection technology gives the IT admins a very easy way to add phones to their networks. Making their job easier is what Phonism was built to do.

    Talk about valuable.

    “Phone management is more than configuring phones. You need to be able to monitor the network health and do all of these other things with the phones to make sure your customers are happy.”

    Why did you choose to work out of the WaVE?

    We got involved before the WaVE had office space. It actually started with a network of like minded tech people that would meet up.

    “Eventually we stopped going to the networking events to focus on the product. Once we finished the product, we decided to get involved with the WaVE again.

    The network and the people here are great. Resource wise, we have met a lot of people, built a lot of great connections. We have even gotten business through the connections here.”

    Most important part of being here: For the business, the connections have been hugely important. On a personal level, the friendships built have been great. I hired my first employee from people I met at the WaVE. I could not be happier with him.

    Steve actually told me a great story about a Pizza and Pitch night that occured in the WaVE. Here is the audio:


    “The biggest impact it (The WaVE) had on me is that everyone is doing exactly what I am doing. You can talk to anyone about your business or personal struggles. Everyone is going through challenges.”

    I am not sure I need to say much else. Thanks Steve.

    Good day! I said good day!

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