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    The Balance between Success and Community in a Coworking Space

    The Balance between Success and Community in a Coworking Space

    After Cowork University’s May Meetup, we had a Twitter chat to re-connect and continue the discussion. 

    Following are two tweets that caught my attention and that I want to discuss. 

    Harley @HastleHarley tweeted:
    We are a family. Our successes as freelancers or small businesses are your success as a space. @shhared was our platform for growth

    Alex of London @TheLedge80 tweeted:
    The success of a #coworking space can be measured by its #community. If people are happy/healthy/successful/connected you’re doing well.

    First off, professionally successful people feed into the success of a community and vice versa. After all, people are more relaxed when they can pay the bills.

    How do you balance the need for coworkers to be successful in their businesses, jobs, etc while also getting them to engage as a community?

    The primary reason a coworking space exists is to provide a productive place to work.

    I also agree with Harley.

    Our professional successes are wins for the coworking space too. More successful companies, remote workers, and freelancers help to grow a coworking space through increased retention, more positive energy, and additional press.

    Wouldn’t you rather work in a place where people are excited about the future and what they are doing?

    A coworking space can facilitate the success of their workers by offering mentor and advisor groups, better amenities, a stronger community, classes with experts, and so much more. The space managers are not responsible for a coworker’s success, but they can help a space by arming workers with tools and expertise that will help them succeed.

    Building Successful Businesses through a Strong Coworking Community

    Members of a strong community of coworkers and businesses tend to support each other by referring work, and even as business and technical advisors.

    Why not help people come together? If you know of a coworker that tends to be shy and introverted, encourage them to check out the events. Instead of lunch at their computer every day, ask them if they would like to eat together.

    One of the most important ways to build a strong culture within a community, is to show up and pay attention to the little things that could be improved. Solve the dirty dish issue. Introduce new members early and often to other members. Add a new amenity. There are many other small changes you can make to create lasting and powerful change.

    Ultimately, the best coworking spaces provide tools and opportunities for businesses to succeed while also bringing them together to create a lasting culture of “We are all in this together.”