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    The Garage Intro | Rapid City, South Dakota

    The Garage Intro | Rapid City, South Dakota


    Where am I off to this week?

    From Fargo, North Dakota, I headed to The Garage in Rapid City, South Dakota, where I worked for the week.

    Where is it?

    So why did I choose The Garage?

    Well first, it’s located in a historic auto repair shop that sounded amazing. Revitalizing an old building in the heart of downtown Rapid City can be a major catalyst for development and growth in the community.

    On The Garage’s website, one of the co-founders of the space said, “We created this space with one thing in mind: community. What has transpired as a result of our members is something special that is a part of transforming our East of 5th District and downtown area, and is making positive change in communities near and far.” All of this made the decision to experience and work in Rapid City and The Garage an easy one.

    When first entering The Garage, you are greeted by an open space, high ceiling, lots of wood, and a warm feeling. I love that this space has so many nooks with new and interesting things to experience.

    I even spent one evening here with some other coworkers listening to music on the record player before going out to explore downtown.

    Along with the car-related details found throughout the space, there was a strong sense of connection to the Native American culture of the region. It was wonderful to see and discuss.

    In addition to these features, one of the most powerful aspects of this coworking space was the ownership level of the coworkers. Many of the events held at this space were actually spearheaded by coworkers and the businesses that work out of the office.

    They host a popular concert series that, because of the high-quality acts and intimate venue, is almost always sold out. The Garage also hosts the Morning Fill Up, a monthly conversation series that hosts “local, regional and national leaders to Rapid City for a 24-hour blitz of conversations and collaboration.” Both these events were created and are run by volunteers and companies that are a part of this space!

    The Garage is a hub of great businesses and wonderful events that is helping to drive the growth and vibrancy of Rapid City. I look forward to seeing more of what the future holds at this space.