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    The Trade Coffee & Coworking Intro | Sacramento, California

    The Trade Coffee & Coworking Intro | Sacramento, California

    Where am I off to this week?

    From Portland, Oregon, I decided to take Highway 101 most the way to Sacramento, California. It took longer, about two days instead of one, but it was worth it. Northern California is a beautiful part of the state and the country. My coworking space for this week was The Trade Coffee & Coworking in Sacramento.

    Where is it?


    So why did I choose The Trade Coffee & Coworking?

    The Trade Coffee & Coworking is divided with a coffee shop in the front and coworking space in the back. I have heard of a few setups like this one but have never worked in one. Since this space was more of an autonomous type of space, it worked perfectly for me to pop in for the day before heading to Napa. I was getting ready for some vino in my life.

    When I arrived at The Trade Coffee & Coworking, the barista greeted me. I told her I was there to try out the space for the day and gave her the code I’d received when I signed up online, and she gave me a quick tour of the space. The process was smooth.


    This is the entrance to The Trade Coworking space from the coffee shop.

    Once I entered my code, I was in and ready to get to work.

    This office definitely does the basics well — the WIFI and coffee were great. It is a coffee shop after all. It wasn’t too busy, but there was a good number of regular coworkers that socialized during the day. I also felt like this space was perfect for people who just need a space for a few hours every week. The options for hours and memberships were extremely flexible.

    There were also a good number of meeting and conference rooms for the size of the space. This would definitely be useful for that person that needs a place to meet clients.

    It was a challenge to get the vibe of the space after only a day, however, the basics were done well and everyone I met was friendly and helpful. Whether you need a space to work every day or a space to work out of for a few hours a week, The Trade Coworking office fits the bill. I would definitely come back to work here again.

    Another great perk of being a part of a coffee shop is that you can order coffee via their app and the barista will deliver it to your desk! For those moments when we need to stay focused, this is a definite benefit.