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    Union Cowork Encinitas Intro | Encinitas, California

    Union Cowork Encinitas Intro | Encinitas, California

    Where am I off to this week?

    From Los Angeles, it was a short drive down to San Diego. I worked at Union Cowork Encinitas, which was about a 30 minute drive from where I was staying, however, I found working at the beach in Encinitas to be worth the commute.

    Where is it?


    So why did I choose Union Cowork Encinitas?

    When I saw I had the opportunity to work at a coworking space in a beach community, I had to take it. After I reached out, Jamie, the founder of Union Cowork, invited me to work at any of the five Union Cowork offices in the San Diego area. Fortunately, I was able to work from Encinitas, which was about a 25 minute drive north of San Diego, and still attend an event in the new space in downtown San Diego. When there are multiple locations, it’s nice to be able to experience more than one because the vibe changes so much from place to place.

    When I arrived for my first day in Encinitas, Lindsey greeted me and helped me get connected to the space. She was an incredibly nice and helpful community manager. It was great to have a smiling and friendly person to say hello to every morning.



    While not very large, this coworking space was always active and busy with coworkers filling the seats every day. All of the reserved desks and offices were filled with growing businesses. Since demand is so high at this location, Union Cowork is moving to a new and larger space in just a few weeks. I’ll post below when they have moved.



    The vibe of this beach community was relaxed and easy going. I found that people had a nice balance of work and fun and enjoyed where they live. We were able to get work done during the day, but we were also close to many tasty restaurants and places to explore each day. And, it is definitely a nice perk to be able to walk the beach while on a conference call.

    Only five minutes from the beach, I was able to capture this sunset at the end of my last day.



    Being in California, I continually see numerous companies in media. However, in Encinitas, there is quite a variety of businesses — from writers to big data developers to, of course, media, there is a lot of different experience. The people in these companies were quite nice and I enjoyed interacting with them throughout the week.



    As I find myself wrapping up phase 1 of my journey of coworking, I reflect on all the great experiences I’ve had, the wonderful people I’ve met, and the generous space owners and managers who’ve hosted me along the way.

    The Union Cowork experience was a perfect close to this part of this glorious adventure in life and coworking. This week I was able to get work done while also enjoying the little moments that keep me going. Whether it is grabbing a coffee with a coworker, having an in-depth discussion about an interesting topic, or getting a beer with new friends, the small moments are what made this journey a success and will keep me going toward phase 2.

    As I close, I want to thank you, Jamie and Lindsey, for a fantastic week. I look forward to continuing on with my journey of coworking, remote work, and the future of work.