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    VCET, Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies Intro | Burlington, VT

    VCET, Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies Intro | Burlington, VT

    Where am I off to this week?

    From La Gare in Montreal, QC, Canada, I headed to Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies or VCET in Burlington, Vermont.

    Where is it?


    So why did I choose VCET?

    I found VCET while searching the entire state of Vermont for coworking spaces. Surprisingly, there are not many spaces around the state. However, I was told by multiple people throughout my trip that Burlington was a great place to be and full of opportunity.

    After being here for a few days, I have to agree.

    When I first discovered VCET, it was one of the first places I had visited that actually had a venture capital fund to invest capital in promising companies.

    The ability for a space to provide not only the initial support in regards to coworking space and coaching or mentorship while also having capital to grow is powerful and can definitely lead to bigger and better things for the community as a whole.

    I reached out to the people at VCET. I spoke with Sam who works out of the Fairpoint Hub location of VCET right in the middle of downtown Burlington.

    She was super nice and interested in having me work out of the space for the week.

    Also, this particular location was the largest of the 3 locations and the space that I just had to visit. It looked fantastic.

    Tuesday was my first day at the space as Monday was Labor Day.

    One nice thing about this week is that from where I was living for the week, I could walk to the space each day. I did not have to move my car ever!

    Their was even a co-op grocery within walking distance. For those of you that would need to drive, there are a number of neighborhoods around that have free parking, however, they have pretty cheap hourly metered parking.

    When I first got to the building of VCET, I actually passed it. That seems to happen to me lately.

    There is good reason I missed it.

    It is located in the same building as one of the main internet providers of the Burlington area.It is a secured building and the signage is not too obvious.

    However, what it does allow is a one-gigabit internet connection!


    So fast.

    That is all I need really, however, there is so much more.

    Once you walk into the space, you immediately see why it has been so successful.

    It has so many design features and well thought out work spaces. I like the mixture of fun and work here. It is refreshing.


    vcet-coworking-working-relaxed vcet-coworking-nap-pod

    Since I traveled here during Labor Day weekend, I only had a 4 day work week. That definitely helped make the week fly by.

    There was also the occasional break for a ping pong match which further helped me connect with more and more of the coworkers within the space.

    VCET also has one of the best views overlooking Burlington and Lake Champlain. This picture does not do it justice, however, it is a beautiful view.


    Whether you are a remote worker, a guy creating a great service for people to find short term internships which can lead to bigger and better opportunities (Check out Beacon!), working on next generation Virtual Reality (VR) for training doctors, or even a ski making company (Renoun Skis), you can find a great fit here.

    I know I have so far.

    As always, I look forward to what’s in store for the rest of this week!