A digital nomad building a business around the world.

    2 Years. 40+ Coworking Spaces. 8 Countries.

    What is the Cowork22 Journey About?

    What is the Cowork22 Journey About?

    What is the Cowork22 Journey About?

    In July of 2016, I left Tampa, Florida, to go on a life journey exploring coworking spaces in the United States and Canada. In the following year, I was in a different city almost every Sunday and worked out of a new coworking office every week. I visited 16 states, 2 provinces, and 30 coworking spaces and managed to work in most of these offices for an entire week.

    Where did I go?

    Tampa Bay WaVE – Tampa, Florida

    The Hive RI – North Kingston, Rhode Island

    Sprout Coworking

    NGIN Workspace – Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Think Tank Coworking – Portland, Maine

    Abri.Co – Quebec City, QC, Canada

    La Gare – Montreal, QC, Canada

    VCET – Burlington, Vermont

    Syracuse Coworks – Syracuse, New York

    Bamboo Detroit – Detroit, Michigan

    Grind – Chicago, Illinois

    1871 – Chicago, Illinois

    The Shift – Chicago, Illinois

    Madworks Coworking – Madison, Wisconsin

    100State – Madison, Wisconsin

    Flock – Minneapolis, Minnesota

    COCO Downtown – Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Prairie Den – Fargo, North Dakota

    The Garage – Rapid City, South Dakota

    L-Atelier – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Collective Chemistry – Seattle, Washington

    CENTRL Office – Portland, Oregon

    The Trade Coffee & Coworking, Sacramento, California

    ECO-SYSTM – San Francisco, California

    Ignited Spaces – Los Angeles, California

    Union Cowork – San Diego, California

    I started this coworking exploration to experience, first hand, the management and culture variations in different offices and to learn how each community’s culture is created and maintained.

    I worked remotely in each office and plugged into the culture as quickly as possible. I wanted to meet the people who ran and worked in the space, but I also wanted to understand the vibe and what made each office special while getting work done for my day job.

    I mentioned to the members and managers of each coworking space that I was not there to critique. I was there to live in the city, learn from the people, and experience the space as any coworker would. I believe that every space can succeed with the help of the owners, operations team, coworkers, and community partners. We all just need to pay attention to what works and what doesn’t in our communities. Get the basics right, listen to the workers, and keep a finger on the pulse of the community. We are all in this together.

    Cowork22 is dedicated to the growth of coworking. Our mission is to help people understand that coworking is more than a desk; it is the future of work.

    Edited December, 16th 2017

    As my journey has continued to evolve and expand, I have learned a number of new things about myself and what is important in our industry. Not only are coworking and shared workspaces a powerful change in how and where we work, but the idea of a job tying us to one place and a certain type of life doesn’t always have to be the case.

    I am a digital nomad, or an extreme example of a remote worker, not only because of the type of business I am building but also because I knew it was possible. Whether a person wants to work in different cities every week or in one for the rest of their life, I want people to be able to find their balance between work and life. Work shouldn’t always dictate where and how we live. Freedom isn’t unlimited money. Freedom is choosing how and where we spend our time whether that it is during or after work hours.

    Being a remote worker or digital nomad in this era is not only possible for many people, but it is a wonderful way to live. Here is to another year of exploring and bringing this idea to more and more people. Come join me!